titanic: Passengers and Crew on the RMS Titanic

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the titanic data is a complete list of passengers and crew members on the RMS Titanic. It includes a variable indicating whether a person did survive the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912.




A data frame containing 2207 observations on 11 variables.


a string with the name of the passenger.


a factor with levels male and female.


a numeric value with the persons age on the day of the sinking. The age of babies (under 12 months) is given as a fraction of one year (1/month).


a factor specifying the class for passengers or the type of service aboard for crew members.


a factor with the persons place of of embarkment.


a factor with the persons home country.


a numeric value specifying the persons ticket number (NA for crew members).


a numeric value with the ticket price (NA for crew members, musicians and employees of the shipyard company).


an ordered factor specifying the number if siblings/spouses aboard; adopted from Vanderbild data set (see below).


an ordered factor specifying the number of parents/children aboard; adopted from Vanderbild data set (see below).


a factor with two levels (no and yes) specifying whether the person has survived the sinking.


The website https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ offers detailed information about passengers and crew members on the RMS Titanic. According to the website 1317 passengers and 890 crew member were abord.

8 musicians and 9 employees of the shipyard company are listed as passengers, but travelled with a free ticket, which is why they have NA values in fare. In addition to that, fare is truely missing for a few regular passengers.


The complete list of persons on the RMS titanic was downloaded from https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ on April 5, 2016. The information given in sibsp and parch was adopoted from a data set obtained from https://hbiostat.org/data/.


https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ and https://hbiostat.org/data/.


data("titanic", package = "stablelearner")

Example output

     name              gender          age                       class    
 Length:2207        female: 489   Min.   : 0.1667   1st             :324  
 Class :character   male  :1718   1st Qu.:22.0000   2nd             :284  
 Mode  :character                 Median :29.0000   3rd             :709  
                                  Mean   :30.4367   deck crew       : 66  
                                  3rd Qu.:38.0000   engineering crew:324  
                                  Max.   :74.0000   restaurant staff: 69  
                                  NA's   :2         victualling crew:431  
 embarked          country        ticketno            fare        
 B: 197   England      :1125   Min.   :      2   Min.   :  3.030  
 C: 271   United States: 264   1st Qu.:  14262   1st Qu.:  7.181  
 Q: 123   Ireland      : 137   Median : 111426   Median : 14.090  
 S:1616   Sweden       : 105   Mean   : 284216   Mean   : 33.405  
          Lebanon      :  71   3rd Qu.: 347077   3rd Qu.: 31.061  
          (Other)      : 424   Max.   :3101317   Max.   :512.061  
          NA's         :  81   NA's   :891       NA's   :916      
     sibsp         parch      survived  
 0      :889   0      :1000   no :1496  
 1      :319   1      : 170   yes: 711  
 2      : 42   2      : 113             
 4      : 22   3      :   8             
 3      : 20   4      :   6             
 (Other): 15   (Other):  10             
 NA's   :900   NA's   : 900             

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