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Tuning Wrapper Function


Convenience function to train a method using different tuning parameters.


  tuner(method, tunerange, ...)



a character string. Name of the R function to train the method.


a list. A list that specifies the range of values to be used for each tuning parameter. Each element of the list should be a vector that specifies the values to be tested for the tuning parameter. The element must be named after the corresponding tuning parameter of the method (see examples).


additional information passed to method (such as formula, data, subset, etc.).


This function can be used to train any method using different values for its tuning parameter(s). The result can be passed directly to stability to compare the stability of results based on different values of the tuning parameter.


A list that contains all fitted model objects.

Additional information about the range of values used for the tuning parameters is attached to the resulting object as an attribute.

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## tuning cforest using different values of its tuning parameter mtry
r <- tuner("cforest", tunerange = list(mtry = 1:4), formula = Species ~ ., data = iris)

## assess stability (with B = 10 for illustration to avoid excessive computation times)
stability(r, control = stab_control(seed = 1234, B = 10))

## receive information about the range of tuning parameters
attr(r, "range")

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