Man pages for statnipokladna
Use Data from the Czech Public Finance Database

add_codelistDeprecated: Add codelist data to downloaded data
get_codelistDeprecated: Get codelist
get_datasetDeprecated: Retrieve and read dataset from statnipokladna
get_dataset_docDeprecated: Get dataset documentation
get_tableDeprecated: Get a statnipokladna table Deprecated, use...
pipePipe operator
sp_add_codelistAdd codelist data to downloaded data
sp_codelistsList of available codelists
sp_datasetsList of available datasets
sp_get_codelistGet codelist
sp_get_codelist_fileDownload a codelist XML file
sp_get_codelist_urlGet URL of a given codelist
sp_get_codelist_viewerGet/open URL of codelist viewer
sp_get_datasetRetrieve dataset from statnipokladna
sp_get_dataset_docGet dataset documentation
sp_get_dataset_urlGet URL of dataset
sp_get_tableGet a statnipokladna table
sp_get_table_fileGet path to a CSV file containing a table.
sp_load_codelistLoad codelist into a tibble from XML file
sp_load_tableLoad a statnipokladna table from a CSV file
sp_tablesList of available tables (PARTIAL)
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