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A template for non-academic résumés . For more information, see here: Do note that xelatex is functionally required for this template.





Arguments to rmarkdown::pdf_document.

About YAML header fields

This section documents some of the YAML fields to know for this template.

author name of the author
fontawesome logical, defaults to TRUE. If TRUE, use fontawesome icons
email your email
location your address
phone your phone number
github your Github username (optional)
web: your domain name
twitter your Twitter handle
linkedin your LinkedIn ID
includephoto logical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, includes photo of you in top-right of document.
myphoto file name for your photo, only necessary if includephoto: TRUE.
shift shift/adjust photo, defaults to '7in, -.25in' if includephoto: TRUE
photobigness how big photo should be, adjust to taste if includephoto: TRUE
photozoom adjust zoom on photo, defaults to 20% of textwidth (as LaTeX macro) if includephoto: TRUE

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