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Inference and Prediction in an Illness-Death Model

BeranEstimation of the conditional distribution function of the...
bladderIDMBladder Cancer Recurrences.
CIFNonparametric estimation of the Cumulative Incident Functions...
colonIDMChemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer.
coxidmFit proportional hazards regression model in each transition...
gbcsIDMGerman Breast Cancer Study Data.
KMKaplan-Meier product-limit estimate of survival
KMWKaplan-Meier weights
LLWLocal linear weights
markov.testThis function is used to test the markov assumption in the...
neventsCount number of observed transitions.
NWWNadaraya-Watson weights.
PKMPresmoothed Kaplan-Meier product-limit estimate of survival
PKMWPresmoothed Kaplan-Meier weights
plot.survIDMPlot for an object of class "survIDM".
sojournNonparametric estimation of the Sojourn time distributions in...
summary.cmmSummarizing fits of 'cmm' class
summary.survIDMSummarizing fits of 'survIDM' class
survIDMCreate a survIDM object
survidm-packagesurvidm: Inference and Prediction in an Illness-Death Model
tprobNonparametric estimation of transition probabilities in the...
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