svMisc: SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions

Supporting functions for the GUI API (various utility functions)

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AuthorPhilippe Grosjean [aut, cre], Romain Francois [ctb], Kamil Barton [ctb]
Date of publication2014-03-02 12:40:51
MaintainerPhilippe Grosjean <>

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Man pages

addItems: Add items from one vector to another one with or without...

addTemp: Add data to an item in a temporary list variable

argsTip: Show function arguments in a human-readable way - get a call...

assignTemp: Assign a temporary variable in the SciViews:TempEnv...

batch: Run a function in batch mode

captureAll: Run an R expression and capture output and messages in a...

changeTemp: Change an item in a temporary list variable

compareRVersion: Compare current R version with a specified one

completion: Get a completion list for a R code fragment

def: Define a vector of a given mode and length (possibly filling...

descFun: Get textual help on function or function arguments

existsTemp: Determine if a variable exists in SciViews:TempEnv

fileEdit: Invoke an external text editor for a file

getTemp: Get a temporary variable from the SciViews:TempEnv...

guiCmd: Execute a command in the GUI client

helpSearchWeb: Search web documents about R and R functions

isAqua: Is R running with the AQUA GUI ( or

isHelp: Is there a help file and example to run associated with an...

isJGR: Is R running with the JGR GUI?

isMac: Is it a Macintosh platform?

isRgui: Is Rgui.exe (under Windows) running?

isSDI: Is Rgui started in SDI mode under Windows?

isWin: Is it a Windows platform?

listMethods: List all methods associated with a generic function or a...

listTypes: List all types for a method

objBrowse: Functions to implement an object browser

package: A very silent and multipackage require() function

parseText: Parse a character string as if it was a command entered at...

pkgMan: Functions to manage R side of the SciViews R package manager

progress: Display progression of a long calculation on the console...

rjson: Convert R object to and from RJSON specification

rmTemp: Remove one or several temporary variable(s) from the...

sourceClipboard: Source code from the clipboard

svMisc-package: SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions

systemFile: Get a system file or directory

TempEnv: Get an environment dedicated to temporary variables (and...

tempvar: Get an arbitrary name for a temporary variable

unitTests.svMisc: Unit tests for the package svMisc


addActions Man page
addIcons Man page
addItems Man page
addMethods Man page
addTemp Man page
argsTip Man page
assignTemp Man page
batch Man page
callTip Man page
captureAll Man page
changeTemp Man page
compareRVersion Man page
completion Man page
def Man page
descArgs Man page
descFun Man page
evalRjson Man page
existsTemp Man page
fileEdit Man page
getTemp Man page
guiCmd Man page
guiExport Man page
guiImport Man page
guiLoad Man page
guiReport Man page
guiSave Man page
guiSetwd Man page
guiSource Man page
helpSearchWeb Man page
isAqua Man page
isHelp Man page
isJGR Man page
isMac Man page
isRgui Man page
isSDI Man page
isWin Man page
listMethods Man page
listToJson Man page
listTypes Man page
objBrowse Man page
objClear Man page
objDir Man page
objInfo Man page
objList Man page
objMenu Man page
objSearch Man page
package Man page
parseText Man page
pkgManDescribe Man page
pkgManDetach Man page
pkgManGetAvailable Man page
pkgManGetInstalled Man page
pkgManGetMirrors Man page
pkgManInstall Man page
pkgManLoad Man page
pkgManRemove Man page
pkgManSetCRANMirror Man page
print.objList Man page
progress Man page
rmTemp Man page
sourceClipboard Man page
svMisc Man page
svMisc-package Man page
systemDir Man page
systemFile Man page
TempEnv Man page
tempvar Man page
toRjson Man page
unitTests.svUnit Man page
write.objList Man page

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