svMisc: SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions

Supporting functions for the GUI API (various utility functions)

AuthorPhilippe Grosjean [aut, cre], Romain Francois [ctb], Kamil Barton [ctb]
Date of publication2014-03-02 12:40:51
MaintainerPhilippe Grosjean <>

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Man pages

addItems: Add items from one vector to another one with or without...

addTemp: Add data to an item in a temporary list variable

argsTip: Show function arguments in a human-readable way - get a call...

assignTemp: Assign a temporary variable in the SciViews:TempEnv...

batch: Run a function in batch mode

captureAll: Run an R expression and capture output and messages in a...

changeTemp: Change an item in a temporary list variable

compareRVersion: Compare current R version with a specified one

completion: Get a completion list for a R code fragment

def: Define a vector of a given mode and length (possibly filling...

descFun: Get textual help on function or function arguments

existsTemp: Determine if a variable exists in SciViews:TempEnv

fileEdit: Invoke an external text editor for a file

getTemp: Get a temporary variable from the SciViews:TempEnv...

guiCmd: Execute a command in the GUI client

helpSearchWeb: Search web documents about R and R functions

isAqua: Is R running with the AQUA GUI ( or

isHelp: Is there a help file and example to run associated with an...

isJGR: Is R running with the JGR GUI?

isMac: Is it a Macintosh platform?

isRgui: Is Rgui.exe (under Windows) running?

isSDI: Is Rgui started in SDI mode under Windows?

isWin: Is it a Windows platform?

listMethods: List all methods associated with a generic function or a...

listTypes: List all types for a method

objBrowse: Functions to implement an object browser

package: A very silent and multipackage require() function

parseText: Parse a character string as if it was a command entered at...

pkgMan: Functions to manage R side of the SciViews R package manager

progress: Display progression of a long calculation on the console...

rjson: Convert R object to and from RJSON specification

rmTemp: Remove one or several temporary variable(s) from the...

sourceClipboard: Source code from the clipboard

svMisc-package: SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions

systemFile: Get a system file or directory

TempEnv: Get an environment dedicated to temporary variables (and...

tempvar: Get an arbitrary name for a temporary variable

unitTests.svMisc: Unit tests for the package svMisc

Files in this package

svMisc/R/isSDI.R svMisc/R/sourceClipboard.R svMisc/R/TempEnv.R svMisc/R/addItems.R svMisc/R/objInfo.R svMisc/R/addTemp.R svMisc/R/def.R svMisc/R/listMethods.R svMisc/R/completion.R svMisc/R/objMenu.R svMisc/R/batch.R svMisc/R/isMac.R svMisc/R/isRgui.R svMisc/R/objClear.R svMisc/R/progress.R svMisc/R/isHelp.R svMisc/R/objSearch.R svMisc/R/pkgMan.R svMisc/R/compareRVersion.R svMisc/R/isJGR.R svMisc/R/fileEdit.R svMisc/R/changeTemp.R svMisc/R/svMisc-internal.R svMisc/R/parseText.R svMisc/R/objBrowse.R svMisc/R/assignTemp.R svMisc/R/descFun.R svMisc/R/helpSearchWeb.R svMisc/R/tempvar.R svMisc/R/package.R svMisc/R/argsTip.R svMisc/R/callTip.R svMisc/R/objList.R svMisc/R/rjson.R svMisc/R/isWin.R svMisc/R/existsTemp.R svMisc/R/getTemp.R svMisc/R/systemFile.R svMisc/R/guiCmd.R svMisc/R/listTypes.R svMisc/R/rmTemp.R svMisc/R/captureAll.R svMisc/R/isAqua.R svMisc/R/objDir.R
svMisc/man/isSDI.Rd svMisc/man/changeTemp.Rd svMisc/man/svMisc-package.Rd svMisc/man/rjson.Rd svMisc/man/parseText.Rd svMisc/man/pkgMan.Rd svMisc/man/progress.Rd svMisc/man/getTemp.Rd svMisc/man/tempvar.Rd svMisc/man/listTypes.Rd svMisc/man/systemFile.Rd svMisc/man/fileEdit.Rd svMisc/man/addTemp.Rd svMisc/man/completion.Rd svMisc/man/def.Rd svMisc/man/captureAll.Rd svMisc/man/guiCmd.Rd svMisc/man/isRgui.Rd svMisc/man/isMac.Rd svMisc/man/objBrowse.Rd svMisc/man/batch.Rd svMisc/man/listMethods.Rd svMisc/man/existsTemp.Rd svMisc/man/descFun.Rd svMisc/man/TempEnv.Rd svMisc/man/helpSearchWeb.Rd svMisc/man/isAqua.Rd svMisc/man/assignTemp.Rd svMisc/man/isWin.Rd svMisc/man/sourceClipboard.Rd svMisc/man/isHelp.Rd svMisc/man/rmTemp.Rd svMisc/man/package.Rd svMisc/man/isJGR.Rd svMisc/man/unitTests.svMisc.Rd svMisc/man/addItems.Rd svMisc/man/compareRVersion.Rd svMisc/man/argsTip.Rd

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