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SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions

addItemsAdd items from one vector to another one with or without...
addTempAdd data to an item in a temporary list variable
argsTipShow function arguments in a human-readable way - get a call...
assignTempAssign a temporary variable in the SciViews:TempEnv...
batchRun a function in batch mode
captureAllRun an R expression and capture output and messages in a...
changeTempChange an item in a temporary list variable
compareRVersionCompare current R version with a specified one
completionGet a completion list for a R code fragment
defDefine a vector of a given mode and length (possibly filling...
descFunGet textual help on function or function arguments
existsTempDetermine if a variable exists in SciViews:TempEnv
fileEditInvoke an external text editor for a file
getTempGet a temporary variable from the SciViews:TempEnv...
guiCmdExecute a command in the GUI client
helpSearchWebSearch web documents about R and R functions
isAquaIs R running with the AQUA GUI ( or
isHelpIs there a help file and example to run associated with an...
isJGRIs R running with the JGR GUI?
isMacIs it a Macintosh platform?
isRguiIs Rgui.exe (under Windows) running?
isSDIIs Rgui started in SDI mode under Windows?
isWinIs it a Windows platform?
listMethodsList all methods associated with a generic function or a...
listTypesList all types for a method
objBrowseFunctions to implement an object browser
packageA very silent and multipackage require() function
parseTextParse a character string as if it was a command entered at...
pkgManFunctions to manage R side of the SciViews R package manager
progressDisplay progression of a long calculation on the console...
rjsonConvert R object to and from RJSON specification
rmTempRemove one or several temporary variable(s) from the...
sourceClipboardSource code from the clipboard
svMisc-packageSciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions
systemFileGet a system file or directory
TempEnvGet an environment dedicated to temporary variables (and...
tempvarGet an arbitrary name for a temporary variable
unitTests.svMiscUnit tests for the package svMisc
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