Man pages for sweep
Tidy Tools for Forecasting

add_indexAdds a sequential index column to a data frame
arima_stringPrint the ARIMA model parameters
bats_stringPrint the BATS model parameters
bike_salesFictional sales data for bike shops purchasing Cannondale...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sw_augmentAugment data according to a tidied model
sw_augment_columnsAugments data
sw_augment.defaultDefault augment method
sweep_packagesweep: Extending broom to time series forecasting
sw_glanceConstruct a single row summary "glance" of a model, fit, or...
sw_glance.defaultDefault glance method
sw_sweepTidy forecast objects
sw_tidyTidy the result of a time-series model into a summary tibble
sw_tidy_decompCoerces decomposed time-series objects to tibble format.
sw_tidy.defaultDefault tidying method
tbats_stringPrint the TBATS model parameters
tidiers_arimaTidying methods for ARIMA modeling of time series
tidiers_batsTidying methods for BATS and TBATS modeling of time series
tidiers_decomposed_tsTidying methods for decomposed time series
tidiers_etsTidying methods for ETS (Error, Trend, Seasonal) exponential...
tidiers_HoltWintersTidying methods for HoltWinters modeling of time series
tidiers_nnetarTidying methods for Nural Network Time Series models
tidiers_robetsTidying methods for robets (Robust Error, Trend, Seasonal)...
tidiers_stlTidying methods for STL (Seasonal, Trend, Level)...
tidiers_StructTSTidying methods for StructTS (Error, Trend, Seasonal) /...
validate_indexValidates data frame has column named the same name as...
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