Man pages for synRNASeqNet
Synthetic RNA-Seq Network Generation and Mutual Information Estimates

aucDiscCalculate Area Under a (ROC/PR) Curve
DiscriminantPowerDiscriminant Power
entropyBayesBayesian Entropy Estimate
entropyCSChao-Shen Entropy Estimate
entropyMLMaximum Likelihood Entropy Estimate
entropyMMMiller-Madow corrected Entropy Estimate
entropyShrinkJames-Stein Shrinkage Entropy Estimate
LikelihoodsLikelihood Indices
mainNetFunctionMain Estimation and Evaluation Function
parEntropyEstimateParallel Entropy Estimation
parMIEstimateParallel Mutual Information Estimation
parMIKDParallel Kernel Density Mutual Information Estimate
performanceIndexEvalutate Performance Indices
performanceNETEvalutate Performance Indices
plotPRPlot PR Curve
plotROCPlot ROC Curve
simulatedDataRandom Generation Networks for RNA-Seq Data
synRNASeqNet-internalInternal synRNASeqNet Functions
synRNASeqNet-packageSynthetic RNA-Seq Network Generation and Mutual Information...
YoudenIndexYouden's Index
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