Man pages for synlik
Synthetic Likelihood Methods for Intractable Likelihoods

ANYOrNULL-classDummy class
bfNicholson's 1954 blowfly data
blowSimulSimulates from the blowfly model
blow_slBlowfly model
checkNormChecking the multivariate normal approximation.
continue-genericContinuing estimation.
extractCorrExtracting correlations from a covariance matrix
functionOrNULL-classDummy class
internal_CInternal C and C++ function
nlarEstimate non-linear autoregressive coefficients
numericOrNULL-classDummy class
orderDistSummarize marginal distribution of (differenced) series.
plot-smcmcPlotting objects of class 'smcmc'.
plot-synlikMethod for plotting an object of class 'synlik'.
rickerSimulSimulates from the ricker model
ricker_slRicker model
robCovRobust covariance matrix estimation
simulate-synlikSimulate data or statistics from an object of class 'synlik'.
slAcfEstimate auto-covariances for multiple datasets.
slicePlot slices of the synthetic log-likelihood.
slikEvaluates the synthetic log-likelihood.
smcmcMCMC parameter estimation for objects of class 'synlik'.
synlik-packageSynthetic Likelihood Methods for Intractable Likelihoods
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