tar_call: Identify the called 'targets' function.

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Identify the called targets function.


Get the name of the currently running targets interface function. Returns NULL if not invoked inside a target or ⁠_targets.R⁠ (i.e. if not directly invoked by tar_make(), tar_visnetwork(), etc.).




Character of length 1, name of the currently running targets interface function. For example, suppose you have a call to tar_call() inside a target or ⁠_targets.R⁠. Then if you run tar_make(), tar_call() will return "tar_make".

See Also

Other utilities: tar_active(), tar_backoff(), tar_cancel(), tar_definition(), tar_envir(), tar_group(), tar_name(), tar_path_script_support(), tar_path_script(), tar_path_store(), tar_path_target(), tar_path(), tar_seed(), tar_source(), tar_store()


if (identical(Sys.getenv("TAR_EXAMPLES"), "true")) { # for CRAN
tar_dir({ # tar_dir() runs code from a temp dir for CRAN.
tar_call() # NULL
  message("called function: ", tar_call())
  tar_target(x, tar_call())
tar_manifest() # prints "called function: tar_manifest"
tar_make() # prints "called function: tar_make"
tar_read(x) # "tar_make"

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