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Combine and Export Data Frames

as_Composite_tableCoerce to Composite Table a Composite Table to a data.table or data.frame a Mashed Table to a data.table or data.frame
as_latexConvert a Table to Latex Code
as_latex.Composite_tableConvert a Composite Table to Latex Code a Data Frame to Latex Code
as_latex.Mashed_tableConvert a Mashed Table to Latex Code
as_latex.Tagged_tableConvert a Tagged Table to Latex Code
as_latex.Tatoo_reportConvert a Tatoo Report to Latex Code
as_linesCreate a line-by-line text representation of an R object
as_Mashed_tableCoerce to Mashed Table
as_multinamesCreate Composite Table multinames from a character vector
assign_tt_metaAssign tt_meta elements
as_workbookConvert a Tatoo Table Object to an Excel Workbook
cmashMash R objects by Rows or Columns
Composite_tableCompose Tables
default_kable_optionsDefault Kable options for as_latex and co
df_typecast_allTypecast all columns of a data.frame of a specific type
flip_namesFlip names and multinames of a Composite Table
is_any_classCheck if any of the classes of the object match a certain...
is_classCheck if object is of a certain class
is_col_classesCheck for column classes
is_Stacked_tableTest If Object is a Stacked_table
is_Tagged_tableTest If Object is a Tagged_table
is_Tatoo_reportTest if Object is a Tatoo_report
is_Tatoo_tableTest if objects is a Tatoo_table
mashed_setSet mash attributes of a Mashed Table
Mashed_tableMash Tables
multinamesSet the multinames attribute of a Composite_table
multinames_to_colspansConvert multinames to colspans
open_fileOpen a file
print.Composite_tablePrinting Composite Tables
print.Mashed_tablePrinting Mashed Tables
print.Stacked_tablePrinting Stacked Tables
print.Tagged_tablePrinting Tagged Tables
print.Tatoo_reportPrinting Tatoo Reports
print.TT_metaPrinting Tagged Table Metadata
regionsGet Named Regions of an Excel Sheet as Data.Table
sanitize_excel_sheet_namesSanitize excel sheet names
spacing-setSet the spacing of a Stacked_table
Stacked_tableStack Tables
str_nobreakRemove linebreaks and multiple spaces from string
tagged_setSet Tagged Table metadata
Tagged_tableTag Tables
tatootatoo: Combine and Export Data Frames
Tatoo_reportCompile Tables Into a Report
tatoo_tableTatoo Table
tt_metaTagged Table Metadata
vec_prioritiseRearrange vector based on priorities
walk_regionsApply a function to all named regions on an openxlsx Workbook
write_worksheetWrite Data to an openxlsx Worksheet
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