#' Function Title
#' @description Description
#' @import shinythemes
#' @import shinyAce
#' @importFrom shiny shinyApp renderPrint renderPlot actionButton h2 h3 h4
#' @importFrom shiny brushedPoints brushOpts br hr checkboxInput div runGadget
#' @importFrom shiny fixedPanel uiOutput HTML htmlOutput sidebarLayout 
#' @importFrom shiny sidebarPanel mainPanel fluidPage navbarPage tabPanel
#' @importFrom shiny tabsetPanel withMathJax updateSelectInput updateSliderInput
#' @importFrom shiny updateNumericInput strong stopApp browserViewer shinyAppDir
#' @importFrom shiny radioButtons clickOpts runApp helpText h1 h5 h6 includeCSS
#' @importFrom shiny includeScript includeMarkdown inputPanel isolate nearPoints
#' @importFrom shiny observe observeEvent reactiveValues reactive renderText
#' @param pub Will the app be published (deployed)? (see details)
#' @param theme Character string naming a color theme bootswatch color theme. Must be one of the themes that can be used in code{shinythemes::shinytheme()}
#' @param rmd Will the app code be included in an interactive Rmarkdown document or presentation with code{runtime: shiny}? (see details)
#' @param width Width of the printed app. Used for code{rmd = TRUE}, otherwise ignored
#' @param height Height of the printed app. Used for code{rmd = TRUE}, otherwise ignored
#' @param storyteller Is this a storyteller app?
#' @param css Path to a custom css file. If code{NULL} the default css file is used 
#' @param more.opts Additional options to be passed to the app (see Details)
#' @param ... Additional arguments passed to code{shiny::runApp()} 

#' @details When publishing apps using or shinyServer, setting code{pub = TRUE} prevents calls to code{install.packages}. Calls to code{install.packages} should not be included within an app and will result in an error.
#' When code{rmd = FALSE} the app is run using code{shiny::runApp}, addition arguments can be passed via the code{...} argument.  When code{rmd = TRUE}, code{shiny::shinyAppDir} is used the code{width} and code{height} arguments must be specified.
#' @export 

newAppName <- function(pub = FALSE, theme = "flatly", rmd = FALSE, 
                    width = '100%', storyteller = F, css = NULL,
                    height = `if`(storyteller,'800px','600px'),
                    more.opts = list(NA),...) {

    dir <- dirname(system.file("apps",
                               package = "teachingApps"))
    assign.shiny.opts(opts = more.opts,
                      dir = dir,
                      theme = theme,
                      appDir = appDir,
                      css = css,
                      story = storyteller)
    shiny::shinyAppDir(appDir = dir, options = list(height = height, width = width))


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