Man pages for tergm
Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution Based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models

Change-ergmTerm-4236ef3cThe Change Operator Term
control.simulate.stergmAuxiliary for Controlling Separable Temporal ERGM Simulation
control.simulate.tergmAuxiliary for Controlling Temporal ERGM Simulation
control.stergmAuxiliary for Controlling Separable Temporal ERGM Fitting
control.tergmAuxiliary for Controlling Temporal ERGM Fitting
control.tergm.godfatherControl parameters for 'tergm.godfather()'.
Cross-ergmTerm-03ab5578The Crossection Operator Term
degrangemeanage-ergmTerm-26c66071Average age of ties incident on nodes having degree in a...
degreemeanage-ergmTerm-405409f9Average age of ties incident on nodes having a given degree
discordBDStratTNT-ergmProposal-9267ec8bTemperal TNT proposal with degree bounds
discord-ergmHint-3608365eDiscordant dyads
discordTNT-ergmProposal-bc75dff0Temperal TNT proposal
Diss-ergmTerm-f48278bdThe Dissolution Operator Term
edgeages-ergmTerm-07c50367Sum of ages of extant ties
EdgeAges-ergmTerm-dcd27226The EdgeAges Operator Term
edgecovages-ergmTerm-8222522aWeighted sum of ages of extant ties
edgecovmeanage-ergmTerm-46204f5fWeighted average age of an extant tie
edgesageinterval-ergmTerm-3ea18dd0Number of edges with age falling into a specified range
Form-ergmTerm-fa13d505The Formation Operator Term missing dyads in a series of networks
is.durationalTesting for duration dependent models
meanage-ergmTerm-8d81c4e1Average age of an extant tie
NetSeriesA network series specification for conditional modeling.
nodefactormeanage-ergmTerm-11ed6b41Average ages of extant half-ties incident on nodes of...
nodemixmeanage-ergmTerm-f93ece12Average ages of extant ties of specified mixing types
Persist-ergmTerm-34b51891The Persistence Operator Term
simulate.stergmSTERGM wrappers for TERGM simulation
simulate.tergmDraw from the distribution of a Temporal Exponential Family...
snctrlStatnet Control
staticDiscordTNT-ergmProposal-b73a241dTNT proposal for CMLE fitting
stergmSeparable Temporal Exponential Family Random Graph Models...
stergm.utilsAn Internal Function for Extracting (Some) Formation and...
summary_formula.networkDynamicCalculation of networkDynamic statistics.
tergmTemporal Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
tergm-deprecatedFunctions that will no longer be supported in future releases...
tergm.godfatherA function to apply a given series of changes to a network.
tergm_MCMC_sampleCollects a sample of networks and returns the statistics of...
tergm-packageFit, Simulate and Diagnose Dynamic Network Models derived...
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