Man pages for tergm
Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution Based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models

coef.stergmExtract Model Coefficients
control.simulate.stergmAuxiliary for Controlling Separable Temporal ERGM Simulation
control.stergmAuxiliary for Controlling Separable Temporal ERGM Fitting
ergm-constraintsFormation and Dissolution Constraints for Exponential Family...
ergm-termsTemporally-Sensitive Terms used in Exponential Family Random...
gof.stergmGoodness-of-fit methods for STERGM CMLE and CMPLE fits missing dyads in a series of networks
logLik.stergmA 'logLik' method for 'stergm'.
mcmc.diagnostics.stergmConduct MCMC diagnostics on an ergm or stergm fit
print.stergmSeparable Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models
simulate.stergmDraw from the distribution of an Separable Temporal...
stergmSeparable Temporal Exponential Family Random Graph Models
stergm.getMCMCsampleCollects a sample of networks and returns the formation and...
summary.statistics.networkDynamicCalculation of networkDynamic statistics.
tergm.godfatherA function to apply a given series of changes to a network.
tergm-internalInternal tergm Objects
tergm_MH_proposalsMetropolis-Hastings Proposal Methods for TERGM MCMC
tergm-packageFit, Simulate and Diagnose Dynamic Network Models derived...
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