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Weighted sum of ages of extant ties


Weighted sum of ages of extant ties


# binary: edgecov.ages(x, attrname=NULL)


x, attrname

either a square matrix of covariates, one for each possible edge in the network, the name of a network attribute of covariates, or a network; if the latter, or if the network attribute named by x is itself a network, optional argument attrname provides the name of the quantitative edge attribute to use for covariate values (in this case, missing edges in x are assigned a covariate value of zero).


This term adds one statistic equaling sum, over all ties present in the network, of the amount of time elapsed since formation, multiplied by a dyadic covariate.

"Weights" can be negative.

Unlike edgecov.mean.age , this statistic is well-defined on an empty network. However, if used as a target, it appears to produce highly biased dissolution parameter estimates if the goal is to get an intended average duration.

See Also

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