summary_formula.networkDynamic: Calculation of networkDynamic statistics.

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summary_formula.networkDynamicR Documentation

Calculation of networkDynamic statistics.


A method for summary_formula to calculate the specified statistics for an observed networkDynamic at the specified time point(s). See ergm-terms for more information on the statistics that may be specified.


## S3 method for class 'networkDynamic'
summary_formula(object, at, ..., basis = NULL)



An formula object with a networkDynamic as its LHS. (See summary_formula for more details.)


A vector of time points at which to calculate the statistics.


Further arguments passed to or used by methods.


An optional networkDynamic object relative to which the statistics should be calculated.


A matrix with length(at) rows, one for each time point in at, and columns for each term of the formula, containing the corresponding statistics measured on the network.

See Also

ergm(), networkDynamic, ergm-terms, summary.formula


# create a toy dynamic network
my.nD <- network.initialize(100,directed=FALSE)
activate.vertices(my.nD, onset=0, terminus = 10),tail=1:2,head=2:3,onset=5,terminus=8)

# use a summary formula to display number of isolates and edges
# at discrete time points
summary(my.nD~isolates+edges, at=1:10)

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