reporter works

# Context Successes
ok 1 Success
# Context Failures
not ok 2 Failure:1
  FALSE is not TRUE

  `actual`:   FALSE
  `expected`: TRUE 
not ok 3 Failure:2a
  FALSE is not TRUE

  `actual`:   FALSE
  `expected`: TRUE 
   1. f()
        at reporters/tests.R:17:2
   2. testthat::expect_true(FALSE)
        at reporters/tests.R:16:7
# Context Errors
not ok 4 Error:1
  Error in `eval(code, test_env)`: stop
not ok 5 errors get tracebacks
  Error in `h()`: !
   1. f()
        at reporters/tests.R:31:2
   2. g()
        at reporters/tests.R:27:7
   3. h()
        at reporters/tests.R:28:7
# Context Skips
ok 6 # SKIP Reason: skip
ok 7 # SKIP Reason: empty test
# Context Warnings
ok 8 # WARNING def
 1. f()
      at reporters/tests.R:49:2
ok 9 # SKIP Reason: empty test

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