Man pages for textreadr
Read Text Documents into R

as_transcriptCoerce Text toTranscripts Into R
browseOpen Directories & Files
downloadDownload Documents
loop_utilitiesUtilities for Looping to Read In Documents
peekData Frame Viewing
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.textreadrPrints a textreadr Object
read_dirRead In Multiple Files From a Directory
read_dir_transcriptRead In Multiple Transcript Files From a Directory
read_docRead in .doc Content
read_documentGeneric Function to Read in a Document
read_docxRead in .docx Content
read_htmlRead in .html Content
read_odtRead in .odt Content
read_pdfRead a Portable Document Format into R
read_pptxRead in .pptx Content
read_rtfRead a Rich Text Format Content
read_transcriptRead Transcripts Into R
textreadrRead Text Documents into R
un_zipUnzip/Unzip Files
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