Man pages for tfdatasets
Interface to 'TensorFlow' Datasets

all_nominalFind all nominal variables.
all_numericSpeciy all numeric variables.
as_array_iteratorConvert tf_dataset to an iterator that yields R arrays.
as_tensor.tf_datasetGet the single element of the dataset.
as_tf_datasetAdd the tf_dataset class to a dataset
choose_from_datasetsCreates a dataset that deterministically chooses elements...
dataset_batchCombines consecutive elements of this dataset into batches.
dataset_bucket_by_sequence_lengthA transformation that buckets elements in a 'Dataset' by...
dataset_cacheCaches the elements in this dataset.
dataset_collectCollects a dataset
dataset_concatenateCreates a dataset by concatenating given dataset with this...
dataset_decode_delimTransform a dataset with delimted text lines into a dataset...
dataset_enumerateEnumerates the elements of this dataset
dataset_filterFilter a dataset by a predicate
dataset_flat_mapMaps map_func across this dataset and flattens the result.
dataset_group_by_windowGroup windows of elements by key and reduce them
dataset_interleaveMaps map_func across this dataset, and interleaves the...
dataset_mapMap a function across a dataset.
dataset_map_and_batchFused implementation of dataset_map() and dataset_batch()
dataset_optionsGet or Set Dataset Options
dataset_padded_batchCombines consecutive elements of this dataset into padded...
dataset_prefetchCreates a Dataset that prefetches elements from this dataset.
dataset_prefetch_to_deviceA transformation that prefetches dataset values to the given...
dataset_preparePrepare a dataset for analysis
dataset_reduceReduces the input dataset to a single element.
dataset_rejection_resampleA transformation that resamples a dataset to a target...
dataset_repeatRepeats a dataset count times.
dataset_scanA transformation that scans a function across an input...
dataset_shardCreates a dataset that includes only 1 / num_shards of this...
dataset_shuffleRandomly shuffles the elements of this dataset.
dataset_shuffle_and_repeatShuffles and repeats a dataset returning a new permutation...
dataset_skipCreates a dataset that skips count elements from this dataset
dataset_snapshotPersist the output of a dataset
dataset_takeCreates a dataset with at most count elements from this...
dataset_take_whileA transformation that stops dataset iteration based on a...
dataset_unbatchUnbatch a dataset
dataset_uniqueA transformation that discards duplicate elements of a...
dataset_use_specTransform the dataset using the provided spec.
dataset_windowCombines input elements into a dataset of windows.
delim_record_specSpecification for reading a record from a text file with...
dense_featuresDense Features
feature_specCreates a feature specification.
file_list_datasetA dataset of all files matching a pattern
fit.FeatureSpecFits a feature specification.
fixed_length_record_datasetA dataset of fixed-length records from one or more binary...
has_typeIdentify the type of the variable.
heartsHeart Disease Data Set
input_fnConstruct a tfestimators input function from a dataset
iterator_get_nextGet next element from iterator
iterator_initializerAn operation that should be run to initialize this iterator.
iterator_make_initializerCreate an operation that can be run to initialize this...
iterator_string_handleString-valued tensor that represents this iterator
layer_input_from_datasetCreates a list of inputs from a dataset
length.tf_datasetGet Dataset length
make_csv_datasetReads CSV files into a batched dataset
make-iteratorCreates an iterator for enumerating the elements of this...
next_batchTensor(s) for retrieving the next batch from a dataset
output_typesOutput types and shapes
pipePipe operator
random_integer_datasetCreates a 'Dataset' of pseudorandom values
range_datasetCreates a dataset of a step-separated range of values.
read_filesRead a dataset from a set of files
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sample_from_datasetsSamples elements at random from the datasets in 'datasets'.
scalerList of pre-made scalers
scaler_min_maxCreates an instance of a min max scaler
scaler_standardCreates an instance of a standard scaler
sparse_tensor_slices_datasetSplits each rank-N 'tf$SparseTensor' in this dataset...
sql_datasetA dataset consisting of the results from a SQL query
step_bucketized_columnCreates bucketized columns
step_categorical_column_with_hash_bucketCreates a categorical column with hash buckets specification
step_categorical_column_with_identityCreate a categorical column with identity
step_categorical_column_with_vocabulary_fileCreates a categorical column with vocabulary file
step_categorical_column_with_vocabulary_listCreates a categorical column specification
step_crossed_columnCreates crosses of categorical columns
step_embedding_columnCreates embeddings columns
step_indicator_columnCreates Indicator Columns
step_numeric_columnCreates a numeric column specification
step_remove_columnCreates a step that can remove columns
stepsSteps for feature columns specification.
step_shared_embeddings_columnCreates shared embeddings for categorical columns
tensors_datasetCreates a dataset with a single element, comprising the given...
tensor_slices_datasetCreates a dataset whose elements are slices of the given...
text_line_datasetA dataset comprising lines from one or more text files.
tfrecord_datasetA dataset comprising records from one or more TFRecord files.
until_out_of_rangeExecute code that traverses a dataset until an out of range...
with_datasetExecute code that traverses a dataset
zip_datasetsCreates a dataset by zipping together the given datasets.
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