Man pages for tibble
Simple Data Frames

add_columnAdd columns to a data frame
add_rowAdd rows to a data frame
as_tibbleCoerce lists and matrices to data frames.
enframeConverting atomic vectors to data frames, and vice versa
formattingTools for describing matrices
frame_matrixRow-wise matrix creation
glimpseGet a glimpse of your data.
has_nameDoes an object have an element with this name?
is.tibbleTest if the object is a tibble.
knit_print.trunc_matknit_print method for trunc mat
obj_sumProvide a succinct summary of an object
rownamesTools for working with row names
tibbleBuild a list
tibble-packagetibble: Simple Data Frames
tidy_namesRepair object names.
tribbleRow-wise tibble creation
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