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Package options


Options that affect interactive display. See pillar::pillar_options for options that affect display on the console, and cli::num_ansi_colors() for enabling and disabling colored output via ANSI sequences like [3m[38;5;246m[39m[23m.




These options can be set via options() and queried via getOption(). For this, add a tibble. prefix (the package name and a dot) to the option name. Example: for an option foo, use options(tibble.foo = value) to set it and getOption("tibble.foo") to retrieve the current value. An option value of NULL means that the default is used.

Options for the tibble package

  • view_max: Maximum number of rows shown by view() if the input is not a data frame, passed on to head(). Default: 1000.


# Default setting:

# Change for the duration of the session:
old <- options(tibble.view_max = 100)

# view() would show only 100 rows e.g. for a lazy data frame

# Change back to the original value:

# Local scope:
  rlang::local_options(tibble.view_max = 100)
  # view() would show only 100 rows e.g. for a lazy data frame
# view() would show the default 1000 rows e.g. for a lazy data frame

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