Man pages for tidygraph
A Tidy API for Graph Manipulation

activateDetermine the context of subsequent manipulations
bind_graphsAdd graphs, nodes, or edges to a tbl_graph
centralityCalculate node and edge centrality
component_gamesGraph games based on connected components
context_accessorsAccess graph, nodes, and edges directly inside verbs
create_graphsCreate different types of well-defined graphs
dot-register_graph_contextRegister a graph context for the duration of the current...
edge_typesQuerying edge types
evolution_gamesGraph games based on evolution
fortify.tbl_graphFortify a tbl_graph for ggplot2 plotting
graph_joinJoin graphs on common nodes
graph_measuresGraph measurements
graph_typesQuerying graph types
group_graphGroup nodes and edges based on community structure
local_graphMeasures based on the neighborhood of each node
map_bfsApply a function to nodes in the order of a breath first...
map_bfs_backApply a function to nodes in the reverse order of a breath...
map_dfsApply a function to nodes in the order of a depth first...
map_dfs_backApply a function to nodes in the reverse order of a depth...
map_localMap a function over a graph representing the neighborhood of...
morphCreate a temporary alternative representation of the graph to...
morphersFunctions to generate alternate representations of graphs
mutate_as_tblBase implementation of mutate
node_measuresQuerying node measures
node_rankCalculate node ranking
node_topologyNode properties related to the graph topology
node_typesQuerying node types
pair_measuresCalculate node pair properties
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rerouteChange terminal nodes of edges
sampling_gamesGraph games based on direct sampling
search_graphSearch a graph with depth first and breath first
tbl_graphA data structure for tidy graph manipulation
tidygraph-packagetidygraph: A Tidy API for Graph Manipulation
type_gamesGraph games based on different node types
with_graphEvaluate a tidygraph algorithm in the context of a graph
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