corpus_tidiers: Tidiers for a corpus object from the quanteda package

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Tidiers for a corpus object from the quanteda package


Tidy a corpus object from the quanteda package. tidy returns a tbl_df with one-row-per-document, with a text column containing the document's text, and one column for each document-level metadata. glance returns a one-row tbl_df with corpus-level metadata, such as source and created. For Corpus objects from the tm package, see tidy.Corpus().


## S3 method for class 'corpus'
tidy(x, ...)

## S3 method for class 'corpus'
glance(x, ...)



A Corpus object, such as a VCorpus or PCorpus


Extra arguments, not used


For the most part, the tidy output is equivalent to the "documents" data frame in the corpus object, except that it is converted to a tbl_df, and texts column is renamed to text to be consistent with other uses in tidytext.

Similarly, the glance output is simply the "metadata" object, with NULL fields removed and turned into a one-row tbl_df.


if (requireNamespace("quanteda", quietly = TRUE)) {
 data("data_corpus_inaugural", package = "quanteda")



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