sentiments: Sentiment lexicons from three sources

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Three lexicons for sentiment analysis are combined here in a tidy data frame. The lexicons are the NRC Emotion Lexicon from Saif Mohammad and Peter Turney, the sentiment lexicon from Bing Liu and collaborators, and the lexicon of Finn Arup Nielsen. Words with non-ASCII characters were removed from the lexicons.




A data frame with 23,165 rows and 4 variables:


An English word


One of either positive, negative, anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, trust, or NA. The Bing lexicon has positive/negative, the NRC lexicon has all options except NA, and the AFINN lexicon has only NA.


The source of the sentiment for the word. One of either "nrc", "bing", or "AFINN".


A numerical score for the sentiment. This value is NA for the Bing and NRC lexicons, and runs between -5 and 5 for the AFINN lexicon.


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