Man pages for tools4uplift
Tools for Uplift Modeling

BestFeaturesFeature selection for the interaction estimator
BinUpliftUnivariate quantization
BinUpliftEnhancedUnivariate quantization - augmented data
DualPredictPredictions from a two-model estimator
DualUpliftTwo-model estimator
InterPredictPredictions from an interaction estimator
InterUpliftInteraction estimator
LassoPathLASSO path for penalized logistic regression
QiniAreaQini coefficient
QiniBarPlotUplift barplot
QiniCurveQini curve
QiniTablePerformance of an uplift estimator
SimUpliftSynthetic data for uplift modeling
SplitUpliftSplit data with respect to uplift distribution
SquareUpliftBivariate quantization
tools4uplift-packageTools for Uplift Modeling
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