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Computes the sign and natural logarithm of the absolute value of the determinant of a square matrix.


For complex A, it returns the angle and the natural logarithm of the modulus of the determinant, that is, a logarithmic polar decomposition of the determinant. Supports input of float, double, cfloat and cdouble dtypes. Also supports batches of matrices, and if A is a batch of matrices then the output has the same batch dimensions.





(Tensor): tensor of shape (*, n, n) where * is zero or more batch dimensions.


A list (sign, logabsdet). logabsdet will always be real-valued, even when A is complex. sign will have the same dtype as A.


  • The determinant can be recovered as sign * exp(logabsdet).

  • When a matrix has a determinant of zero, it returns (0, -Inf).

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if (torch_is_installed()) {
a <- torch_randn(3, 3)

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