tractor.base: Read, Manipulate and Visualise Magnetic Resonance Images

Functions for working with magnetic resonance images. Analyze, NIfTI-1, NIfTI-2 and MGH format images can be read and written; DICOM files can only be read.

AuthorJon Clayden
Date of publication2016-11-07 21:07:48
MaintainerJon Clayden <>

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Man pages

allEqual: Test whether all elements of a vector are equal

asMriImage: Creating MriImage objects from data

colourScales: Functions for working with colour scales or palettes

deduplicate: Concatenate and deduplicate vectors

DicomMetadata-class: The DicomMetadata class

emptyMatrix: The empty matrix

equivalent: Test two numeric vectors for equivalence

execute: Find or run an external executable file

files: Working with MRI images stored in NIfTI, Analyze and MGH...

implode: Create a character string by concatenating the elements of a...

index: Indexing methods

mergeMriImages: Merging MriImage objects

MriImage-class: The MriImage class

neighbourhoodInfo: Image neighbourhoods

newSparseArrayWithData: Create a SparseArray object

nilObject: The nil object

paths: Functions for file name and path manipulation

pluralise: Number agreement with a vector

printLabelledValues: Pretty print labelled information

promote: Promote a vector to a single-column or single-row matrix

readDicomDirectory: Read a directory of DICOM files

readDicomFile: Read a DICOM file into a DicomMetadata object

SerialisableObject-class: The SerialisableObject class

serialisation: Reference object serialisation and deserialisation

sortDicomDirectories: Sort a directory of DICOM files into series

SparseArray-class: The SparseArray class

threadSafeTempFile: Obtain thread-safe temporary file names

tractor.base-deprecated: Deprecated functions

vector: Miscellaneous vector functions

viewer: A simple interactive viewer for MriImage objects

visualisation: Visualise MriImage objects


allEqual Man page
angleBetweenVectors Man page
asMriImage Man page
copyImageFiles Man page
createContactSheetGraphic Man page
createNeighbourhoodInfo Man page
createProjectionGraphic Man page
createSliceGraphic Man page
deduplicate Man page
defaultInfoPanel Man page
deserialiseReferenceObject Man page
DicomMetadata Man page
DicomMetadata-class Man page
emptyMatrix Man page
ensureFileSuffix Man page
equivalent Man page
execute Man page
expandFileName Man page
extractDataFromMriImage Man page
extractMriImage Man page
getColourScale Man page
identifyImageFileNames Man page
imageFileExists Man page
implode Man page
interpolatePalette Man page
isDeserialisable Man page
is.emptyMatrix Man page
is.nilObject Man page
locateExecutable Man page
matchPaths Man page
mergeMriImages Man page
MriImage Man page
[<-,MriImage,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,MriImage,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,MriImage,ANY,missing-method Man page
[,MriImage,ANY,missing-method Man page
MriImage-class Man page
[<-,MriImage,missing,ANY-method Man page
[,MriImage,missing,ANY-method Man page
[<-,MriImage,missing,missing-method Man page
[,MriImage,missing,missing-method Man page
neighbourhoodInfo Man page
newDicomMetadataFromFile Man page
newMriImageByExtraction Man page
newMriImageByMasking Man page
newMriImageByReordering Man page
newMriImageByThresholding Man page
newMriImageByTrimming Man page
newMriImageFromDicomDirectory Man page
newMriImageFromFile Man page
newMriImageWithBinaryFunction Man page
newMriImageWithData Man page
newMriImageWithSimpleFunction Man page
newSparseArrayWithData Man page
nilObject Man page
paths Man page
pluralise Man page
printLabelledValues Man page
promote Man page
readDicomDirectory Man page
readDicomFile Man page
readImageFile Man page
registerDeserialiser Man page
registerPathHandler Man page
relativePath Man page
removeImageFiles Man page
removeImageFilesWithName Man page
reorderMriImage Man page
resolveVector Man page
SerialisableObject Man page
SerialisableObject-class Man page
serialisation Man page
serialiseReferenceObject Man page
sortDicomDirectories Man page
SparseArray Man page
[<-,SparseArray,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,SparseArray,ANY,ANY-method Man page
SparseArray-class Man page
symlinkImageFiles Man page
threadSafeTempFile Man page
timeSeriesPanel Man page
trimMriImage Man page
vectorCrossProduct Man page
vectorLength Man page
viewImages Man page
visualisation Man page
writeImageFile Man page
writeMriImageToFile Man page


tractor.base/R/mgh.R tractor.base/R/nifti.R tractor.base/R/10_mri_image.R tractor.base/R/15_dicom.R tractor.base/R/files.R
tractor.base/R/analyze.R tractor.base/R/dicom_dir.R tractor.base/R/internal.R tractor.base/R/deprecated.R tractor.base/R/05_serialise.R tractor.base/R/viz.R tractor.base/R/neighbourhood.R tractor.base/R/vector.R tractor.base/R/xform.R tractor.base/R/00_constants.R tractor.base/R/misc.R tractor.base/R/08_sparse.R tractor.base/R/png.R tractor.base/R/zzz.R tractor.base/R/viewer.R
tractor.base/man/serialisation.Rd tractor.base/man/emptyMatrix.Rd tractor.base/man/paths.Rd tractor.base/man/SparseArray-class.Rd tractor.base/man/execute.Rd tractor.base/man/MriImage-class.Rd tractor.base/man/nilObject.Rd tractor.base/man/deduplicate.Rd tractor.base/man/readDicomFile.Rd tractor.base/man/visualisation.Rd tractor.base/man/DicomMetadata-class.Rd tractor.base/man/files.Rd tractor.base/man/pluralise.Rd tractor.base/man/index.Rd tractor.base/man/printLabelledValues.Rd tractor.base/man/newSparseArrayWithData.Rd tractor.base/man/mergeMriImages.Rd tractor.base/man/viewer.Rd tractor.base/man/sortDicomDirectories.Rd tractor.base/man/colourScales.Rd tractor.base/man/readDicomDirectory.Rd tractor.base/man/implode.Rd tractor.base/man/promote.Rd tractor.base/man/allEqual.Rd tractor.base/man/neighbourhoodInfo.Rd tractor.base/man/threadSafeTempFile.Rd tractor.base/man/equivalent.Rd tractor.base/man/vector.Rd tractor.base/man/tractor.base-deprecated.Rd tractor.base/man/SerialisableObject-class.Rd tractor.base/man/asMriImage.Rd

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