Man pages for traits
Species Trait Data from Around the Web

betydbSearch for traits from BETYdb
betydb_queryQuery a BETY table
birdlife_habitatGet bird habitat information from BirdLife/IUCN
birdlife_threatsGet bird threat information from BirdLife/IUCN
coral-defunctSearch for coral data on
eol_invasive_-defunctSearch for presence of taxonomic names in EOL invasive...
fe_native-defunctCheck species status (native, exotic, ...) from Flora...
g_invasive-defunctCheck invasive species status for a set of species from GISD...
is_native-defunctCheck if a species is native somewhere
ledaAccess LEDA trait data
ncbi_byidRetrieve gene sequences from NCBI by accession number.
ncbi_bynameRetrieve gene sequences from NCBI by taxon name and gene...
ncbi_searcherSearch for gene sequences available for taxa from NCBI.
plantattPLANTATT plant traits dataset
taxa_searchSearch for traits by taxa names
traitbankSearch for traits from EOL's Traitbank
traits-defunctDefunct functions in traits
traits-packagetraits - Species trait data from around the web
tr_ernestAmniote life history dataset
tr_usda-defunctUSDA plants data
tr_zanneZanne et al. plant dataset
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