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Blavet French river dataset


'Blavet' is a dataset of the Blavet French river in Brittany peninsula and two neighouring rivers (Claie and Coët-Organ). It contains all the necessary inputs to test the package and perform discharge prediction at the outlet of six catchments:

  • J5613010 Evel at Guénin (316 km²)

  • J5618310 Fremeur et Guénin (15.1 km²)

  • J5618320 Fremeur et Pluméliau (5.88 km²)

  • J5704810 Coët-Organ at Quistinic (47.7 km²)

  • J8433020 Claie at Saint-Jean-Brévelay (135 km²)

  • AgrHys Coët-Dan at Naizin (4.9 km²)

Hourly discharge observations of the six catchments are provided for one hydrological year, from 2013-10-01 to 2014-10-01. It has been extracted from the French HYDRO database ( Discharge observations for the Coët-Dan river is provided by the AgrHys Environment Research Observatories \insertCiteFovet2018transfR managed by INRAE ( Catchment delineations and respective maps of hydraulic length have been extracted from a digital elevation model of 100 m resolution.


'Blavet' is a list of three objects:

  • hl A list of stars objects containing the six rasters maps of hydraulic length.

  • obs A stars object with two dimensions (time and space, with catchment delineations as spatial support) and one attribute (discharge observations).

  • network A sf object of the [French TOPAGE river network]( It can be downloaded using the Web Feature Service (WFS) "Sandre - Eau France", as shown in the example below.






## Not run: 
# Working directory
wd <- tempdir(check = TRUE)
# Define a bbox that will encompass the catchments of the study area
blavet_bbox <- st_bbox(c(xmin = -3.3, xmax = -2.7, ymax = 48.11, ymin = 47.77),
                           crs = st_crs(4326))
# Download a French Topage river network within the bbox using the "Sandre - Eau France" WFS
download.file(url = paste0("",
              destfile = file.path(wd,"CoursEau_FXX_Topage2019.geojson"))
CoursEau_Topage2019 <- st_read(dsn = file.path(wd,"CoursEau_FXX_Topage2019.geojson"),
                               drivers = "GeoJSON", stringsAsFactors = FALSE, quiet = FALSE,
                               query = "SELECT gid FROM CoursEau_FXX_Topage2019")

## End(Not run)

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