transfR: Transfer of Hydrograph from Gauged to Ungauged Catchments

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This R package aims to propose a geomorphology-based hydrological modelling for transferring streamflow measurements from gauged to ungauged catchments (where there is no stations monitoring the streamflow). It follows a runoff-runoff approach, i.e. it directly combines the observed streamflow series available at monitoring stations to estimate the streamflow series anywhere else in the surroundings rivers and without needing the implementation of a full rainfall-runoff model.

## — General description of the approach

The hydrological modelling is based on the description of the hydro-geomorphometry of the river network that can be easily observed for any considered outlet. An inversion of this model for the basin of a gauged outlet allows to deconvolute the observed streamflow series to estimate an almost scale-independent signal (the net rainfall) \insertCiteBoudhraa2018transfR. The transfer of this net rainfall series estimate to the basin of a targeted ungauged outlet thus allows to simulate the streamflow series there. Using streamflow observations of several gauged basins of the neighbourhood increases robustness. The methodology has been tested in several hydro-climatic contexts \insertCiteBoudhraa2009,deLavenne2015,deLavenne2016,deLavenne2019,Ecrepont2019transfR, and with this package we aim to encourage further evaluation and improvement, and subsequent operational application.

## — Functions and objects

To implement the method, it is advised to explore the following functions is this order:

## — How to get started

This package comes with two datasets (Blavet and Oudon) that contains all the necessary inputs to test the package and perform discharge prediction. Users are advised to check the 'Get started with transfR' vignette (vignette("V01_get_started", package = "transfR")) that provides a complete implementation of the method with the Oudon dataset. In addition, each functions comes with different examples.

For the French region of Brittany, a web service using this package was developed to facilitate the implementation of the method without the need for the user to have programming skills in R or to collect the necessary input data \insertCiteDallery2020transfR.
















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