Man pages for treespace
Statistical Exploration of Landscapes of Phylogenetic Trees

DengueBEASTMCCDengue fever BEAST MCC tree
DengueSeqsDengue fever sequences
DengueTreesBEAST analysis of Dengue fever
findGrovesIdentify clusters of similar trees
findMRCIsFind MRCIs
fluTreesBEAST analysis of seasonal influenza (A/H3N2)
linearMrcaLinear MRCA function
makeCollapsedTreeCollapse a tree into a single tip per category
medTreeGeometric median tree function
multiDistMetric function for 'multiPhylo' input
plotGrovesScatterplot of groups of trees
plotGrovesD3Scatterplot of groups of trees using 'scatterD3'
plotTreeDiffPlot tree differences
refTreeDistMetric function for comparing a reference 'phylo' to...
relatedTreeDistTree distance when trees have "related" tips
simulateIndTreeSimulate randomised "individuals" tree
tipDiffFind tip position differences
tipsMRCAdepthsTip-tip MRCA depths
treeConcordanceTree concordance
treeDistMetric function
treespacePhylogenetic tree exploration
treespaceServerWeb-based tree explorer
treeVecTree vector function
wiwMedTreeMedian transmission tree
wiwTreeDistTransmission tree distance
woodmiceTreesBootstrap trees from woodmouse dataset
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