trip: Tools for the Analysis of Animal Track Data

Functions for accessing and manipulating spatial data for animal tracking, with straightforward coercion from and to other formats. Filter for speed and create time spent maps from animal track data. There are coercion methods to convert between 'trip' and 'ltraj' from 'adehabitatLT', and between 'trip' and 'psp' and 'ppp' from 'spatstat'.

AuthorMichael D. Sumner [aut, cre], Sebastian Luque [ctb], Anthony Fischbach [ctb]
Date of publication2016-10-18 10:20:53
MaintainerMichael D. Sumner <>

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Man pages

adjust.duplicateTimes: Adjust duplicate DateTime values

argos.sigma: Assign numeric values for Argos "class"

as.Other: As ("trip", other-classes)

as.trip-methods: Coercion from other classes to 'trip' objects

cut.trip: Split trip events into exact time-based boundaries.

filter.penSS: Non-destructive smoothing filter

forceCompliance: Function to ensure dates and times are in order with trip ID

homedist: Calculate maximum distance from 'home' for each trip

makeGridTopology: Generate a GridTopology from a Spatial object

oc.theme: SeaWiFS ocean colour colours

rasterize: Rasterize trip objects based on line-segment attributes.

readArgos: Read Argos "DAT" or "DIAG" files

sda: Filter track for speed, distance and angle.

sepIdGaps: Separate a set of IDs based on gaps

speedfilter: Filter track data for speed

TimeOrderedRecords: TimeOrderedRecords

TimeOrderedRecords-class: A class for the identifiers of DateTime and ID records in...

trackAngle: Determine internal angles along a track

trackDistance: Determine distances along a track

trip-accessors: Functions to retrieve DateTime and ID data from within...

trip-class: A class for sets of animal trips (track data).

tripGrid: Generate a grid of time spent by line-to-cell gridding

tripGrid.interp: Generate a grid of time spent using approximate methods

trip-internal: Internal trip Functions

trip-methods: Function to handle animal track data, organized as '"trip"'s

trip-package: trip.

trip.split.exact: Deprecated functions in trip

walrus818: Walrus tracking data set.


.abdali Man page
adjust.duplicateTimes Man page
argos.sigma Man page
as.ltraj.trip Man page
as.Other Man page
as.ppp.trip Man page
as.psp.trip Man page
as.SpatialLinesDataFrame.trip Man page
as.trip Man page
as.trip,ltraj-method Man page
as.trip-methods Man page
as.trip.SpatialLinesDataFrame Man page
coerce,trip,ltraj-method Man page
countPoints Man page
cut.trip Man page
.distances Man page
explode Man page
filter.penSS Man page
forceCompliance Man page
.g2ow Man page
.gcdist.c Man page
getTimeID Man page
getTORnames Man page
homedist Man page
interpequal Man page
.intpFun Man page
kdePoints Man page
lines,trip-method Man page
ltraj2trip Man page
makeGridTopology Man page
.oc.col Man page
oc.colors Man page
oc.theme Man page
plot,trip,missing-method Man page
print.summary.TORdata Man page
rasterize Man page
rasterize,trip,missing-method Man page
rasterize,trip,RasterLayer-method Man page
readArgos Man page
readDiag Man page
sda Man page
sepIdGaps Man page
show,summary.TORdata-method Man page
show,trip-method Man page
.single.trip.split Man page
speedfilter Man page
subset,trip-method Man page
summary,trip-method Man page
TimeOrderedRecords Man page
TimeOrderedRecords-class Man page
trackAngle Man page
trackAngle.default Man page
trackAngle.trip Man page
trackDistance Man page
trackDistance.default Man page
trackDistance.trip Man page
trip Man page
trip<- Man page
trip-accessors Man page
[,trip,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[<-,trip,ANY,missing-method Man page
trip,ANY,TimeOrderedRecords-method Man page
trip-class Man page
trip<-,data.frame,character-method Man page
trip-deprecated Man page
tripGrid Man page
tripGrid.interp Man page
trip-internal Man page
[,trip-method Man page
trip-methods Man page
trip-package Man page
.tripRbind Man page
trip,SpatialPointsDataFrame,ANY-method Man page
trip.split.exact Man page
tripTransform Man page
trip,trip,ANY-method Man page
trip,trip,TimeOrderedRecords-method Man page
.validTORdata Man page
walrus818 Man page

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