Man pages for trip
Tracking Data

adjust.duplicateTimesAdjust duplicate DateTime values
argos.sigmaAssign numeric values for Argos "class"
as.OtherAs ("trip", other-classes)
as.trip-methodsCoercion from other classes to 'trip' objects
cut.tripSplit trip events into exact time-based boundaries.
forceComplianceFunction to ensure dates and times are in order with trip ID
homedistCalculate maximum distance from 'home' for each trip
interp_equalTrack intermediate points
makeGridTopologyGenerate a GridTopology from a Spatial object
oc.themeSeaWiFS ocean colour colours
rasterizeRasterize trip objects based on line-segment attributes.
readArgosRead Argos "DAT" or "DIAG" files
sdaFilter track for speed, distance and angle.
sepIdGapsSeparate a set of IDs based on gaps
speedfilterFilter track data for speed
TimeOrderedRecords-classA class for the identifiers of DateTime and ID records in...
trackAngleDetermine internal angles along a track
trackDistanceDetermine distances along a track
trip-accessorsFunctions to retrieve DateTime and ID data from within...
trip-classA class for sets of animal trips (track data).
tripGridGenerate a grid of time spent by line-to-cell gridding
tripGrid.interpGenerate a grid of time spent using approximate methods
trip-internalInternal trip Functions
trip-methodsFunction to handle animal track data, organized as 'trip'...
trip.split.exactDeprecated functions in trip
walrus818Walrus tracking data set.
world_northWorld north polygons
write_track_kmlCreate a time-continuous KML file
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