interp_equal: Track intermediate points

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Track intermediate points


Calculate great circle intermediate points on longitude, latitude input vectors. A spherical model is used, from the geosphere package.


interp_equal(x, distance = NULL, duration = NULL)



trip object


optional minimum distance (metres) between interpolated points


optional minimum duration (seconds) between interpolated points


For the result to be sensible, the input must either be in longitude/latitude, or be in a projection and have a valid CRS. Great circle movement is assumed, there's no way to use this to interpolate equal-distance in the native projection.

If no input distance or duration is provided a default is used of 15 points between each input point.

if both distance AND duration is provided, distance is ignored.

Note, the original implementation of this function was called 'interpequal()', and was used for time spent calculations. The functionality is now provided by the traipse package.


S4 trip object with interpolated new locations based on distance or duration parameters

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