Man pages for twang
Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups

AODSubset of Alcohol and Other Drug treatment data
bal.statCalculate weighted balance statistics
bal.tableCompute balance table
boxplot.mnpsBoxplots for mnps objects
boxplot.psBoxplots for ps objects
desc.wtsDiagnosis of weights
dx.wtsPropensity score diagnostics
egsingleUS Sustaining Effects study
get.weightsExtract propensity score weights
get.weights.numGet numerators to stabilize propensity score weights for iptw...
get.weights.unstabExtract unstabilized propensity score weights for iptw fits.
iptwInverse probability of treatment weighting for marginal...
iptwExLongExample data for iptw function (long version)
iptwExWideExample data for iptw function (wide version)
lalondeLalonde's National Supported Work Demonstration data
lindnerLindner Center data on 996 PCI patients analyzed by Kereiakes...
means.tableExtract table of means from an mnps object
mnIptwExLongExample data for iptw function (long version, more than two...
mnIptwExWideExample data for iptw function (wide version, more than two...
mnpsPropensity score estimation
plot.mnpsPlots for mnps objects
plot.psPlots for ps objects
print.dxwtsPrint a diagnosis of the weights
psPropensity score estimation
raceprofilingTraffic stop data
sensitivitySensitivity analyses for propensity score analyses
stop.methodsObject only used for backward compatibility
summary.mnpsSummarize an mnps object
summary.psSummarize a ps object
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