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These data are adapted from the lindner dataset in the USPS package. The description comes from that package, except for the variable sixMonthSurvive, which is a recode of lifepres

Data from an observational study of 996 patients receiving an initial Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) at Ohio Heart Health, Christ Hospital, Cincinnati in 1997 and followed for at least 6 months by the staff of the Lindner Center. The patients thought to be more severely diseased were assigned to treatment with abciximab (an expensive, high-molecular-weight IIb/IIIa cascade blocker); in fact, only 298 (29.9 percent) of patients received usual-care-alone with their initial PCI.




A data frame of 10 variables collected on 996 patients; no NAs.


Mean life years preserved due to survival for at least 6 months following PCI; numeric value of either 11.4 or 0.


Cardiac related costs incurred within 6 months of patient's initial PCI; numeric value in 1998 dollars; costs were truncated by death for the 26 patients with lifepres == 0.


Numeric treatment selection indicator; 0 implies usual PCI care alone; 1 implies usual PCI care deliberately augmented by either planned or rescue treatment with abciximab.


Coronary stent deployment; numeric, with 1 meaning YES and 0 meaning NO.


Height in centimeters; numeric integer from 108 to 196.


Female gender; numeric, with 1 meaning YES and 0 meaning NO.


Diabetes mellitus diagnosis; numeric, with 1 meaning YES and 0 meaning NO.


Acute myocardial infarction within the previous 7 days; numeric, with 1 meaning YES and 0 meaning NO.


Left ejection fraction; numeric value from 0 percent to 90 percent.


Number of vessels involved in the patient's initial PCI procedure; numeric integer from 0 to 5.


Survival at six months — a recoded version of lifepres.


Kereiakes DJ, Obenchain RL, Barber BL, et al. Abciximab provides cost effective survival advantage in high volume interventional practice. Am Heart J 2000; 140: 603-610.

Obenchain RL. (2009) USPSinR.pdf ../R\_HOME/library/USPS 40 pages.

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