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Plot dxwts


Plot dxwts


## S3 method for class 'dxwts'
plot(x, plots = "es", ...)



An dxwts object.


An indicator of which type of plot is desired. The options are

  • ⁠"optimize" or 1⁠ A plot of the balance criteria as a function of the GBM iteration.

  • ⁠"boxplot" or 2⁠ Boxplots of the propensity scores for the treatment and control cases

  • ⁠"es" or 3⁠ Plots of the standardized effect size of the pre-treatment variables before and after reweighing

  • ⁠"t" or 4⁠ Plots of the p-values from t-statistics comparing means of treated and control subjects for pretreatment variables, before and after weighting.

  • ⁠"ks" or 5⁠ Plots of the p-values from Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics comparing distributions of pretreatment variables of treated and control subjects, before and after weighting.


Additional arguments.

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