Man pages for ursa
Non-Interactive Spatial Tools for Raster Processing and Visualization

allocateRasterization of point data into grid cells
chunkGet indices for partial image reading/writing
classColorTableColor Tables of raster images.
classConnectionConnection of raster objects.
classGridSpatial parameters of raster images.
classRasterDefinition of 'ursaRaster' class.
classRaster_as.arrayExport raster object to multidimensional array raster image to a data frame
classRaster_as.integerTransform values to type integer
classRaster_as.matrixConvert raster image to a matrix
classRaster_as.rasterExport raster object to a colored representation.
classRaster_as.tableFrequency of unique values
classRaster_cCombine bands into raster brick.
classRaster_closeClose connections for files with data
classRaster_commonGenericSome generic functions for 'ursaRaster' class.
classRaster_dimDimension of multiband raster image
classRaster.ExtractExtract portion of raster images
classRaster_GroupGenericGroup Generic Functions for raster image
classRaster_headExtract first and last bands of raster image
classRaster_histHistogram of raster image'No data' values for raster images.
classRaster_lengthGet number of bands of raster image.
classRaster_namesBand names for raster image.
classRaster_na.omitDrop bands which don't have data.
classRaster_plotSimple display of raster images
classRaster_repReplicate bands of raster image.
classRaster.Replaceassign values to the portion of raster images
classRaster_seqSequence Generation for raster image and coordinate grid
classRaster_sortSort multiband raster by band names.
classRaster_summarySummary of raster image.
classStackList of raster images.
classValueValues of raster images.
codecReduce and restore dimenstions for sparse data matrix
colorizeCreate color table
compose_closeFinish plotting
compose_designOrganize multi-panel layout with images and color bars.
compose_legendPlot colorbars or marginal texts.
compose_openStart displaying
compose_panelPlot raster images and decorations on the multipanel layout.
compose_plotPlot layout of images and color bars.
conn.create_anyCreate ENVI or GDAL files on disk
conn.open_enviopen_envi file
conn.open_gdalOpen GDAL file
conn.read_enviRead ENVI .hdr Labelled Raster file to memory
conn.read_gdalRead GDAL supported raster files.
conn.write_enviWrite raster image to ENVI .hdr Labelled Raster file.
conn.write_gdalWrite raster image to GDAL file(s)
cubehelixGenerate "cubehelix" palette.
discolorDestroy color table for raster images.
displayPlot raster image(s) in the PNG format.
display_brickPlot multi-band homogenous raster image in the PNG format.
display_rgbPlot RGB (RGBA) color composition in the PNG format.
display_stackPlot multi-band heterogenous raster images in the PNG format.
envi_filesENVI File Manipulation
get_earthdataRetrive data from Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) using...
glanceCommand line utility for spatial view of raster or vector GIS...
identifyGet value and coordinates from location
ignorevalueExtract and assign 'nodata' value of raster images.
legend_alignAlign caption position for legend
legend_colorbarPlot colorbar
legend_mtextWrite marginal text
Ops.band_groupExtract certain statistics of each band.
Ops.band_statComputes statistics for each band of raster.
Ops.focal_extremExtremal spatial filter for image
Ops.focal_meanLow-pass spatial filter for image.
Ops.focal_medianMedian spatial filter for image
Ops.focal_specialCustom spatial filtering for image
Ops.global_groupExtract certains statistics for whole image
Ops.local_groupCreate single-band raster using statistics of multi-bands...
Ops.local_statBundle of statistics, which is applied to each cell of...
Ops.zonal_statZonal statistics for raster maps
package_rasterCoercion to package 'raster' objects
package_sfRaster coercion to ”stars”
panel_annotationAdd label or annotation to the image panel.
panel_coastlineAdd coastline to the image panel.
panel_contourAdd colored contour to the image panel
panel_decorAdd auxiliary elements to the plotting panel.
panel_graticuleAdd latitude/longitude or metric grid to the image panel.
panel_newStart plotting on the new image panel
panel_plotAdd graphical elements to the image panel
panel_rasterAdd raster to the image panel
panel_scalebarAdd scale bar to the image panel
panel_shadingShaded overlay by image mask
pixelsizeThe actual size of each grid cell with considerable...
polygonizeRaster to vector (polygon) conversion.
progressBarProgress bar
reclassReclassify specific values of image
regridChange raster image resolution and extent
segmentizeCreate segmented line from points' sequence
sessionGet and set sessional parameters for grid, CRS, external...
spatial_engineWrapper functions for manipulation with non-raster spatial...
spatial_levelsplitDrops spatial object with overlapped geometry to spatial...
spatial_readWrapper functions for reading spatial objects.
spatial_writeWrapper functions for writing spatial objects.
temporal_interpolateFill gaps across bands using moving mean window
temporal_meanSmooth value across bands using moving mean window
ursa_000Get and set properties of raster image.
ursa_asCreate raster image from R objects or GDAL raster files.
ursa_blankDoes any band contain no information?
ursa_cacheCache management of ursa package
ursa_cropCrop 'no data' margins.
ursa_dummyGenerate raster image for examples.
ursa_gridExtract and assign spatial parameters of raster images.
ursa_infoPrint metadata for raster image.
ursa_newCreate raster image in memory
ursa_projExtract and assign projection of raster images.
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