display_stack: Plot multi-band heterogenous raster images in the PNG format.

display_stackR Documentation

Plot multi-band heterogenous raster images in the PNG format.


Raster images are forced to be interpreted as heterogenuous (having the different units). It implies creating multi-panel layout with multiple colorbars.


display_stack(obj, ...)
display_hetero(obj, ...)



Object of class ursaRaster or list of ursaRaster objects.


Passed to hierarchy of plotting functions:

  • compose_open

    • compose_design

  • compose_plot

    • compose_panel

      • panel_new

      • panel_raster

      • panel_decor

        • panel_graticule

        • panel_coastline

        • panel_scalebar

      • panel_annotation

    • compose_legend

      • legend_colorbar

  • compose_close


If argument obj is object of class ursaRaster then obj is coerced to list of ursaRaster objects ('brick' is coerced to 'stack').

The plot layout is either two-columns or two-rows. Extent of coordinate grid has a form of rectangle. The layout selection depends on ratio of rectangle's sides. For single-column design use parameter layout=c(NA,1L). e.g., display_brick(a,layout=c(NA,1)), for single-row design use parameter layout=c(1,NA). The same is for forcing of two-columns (layout=c(NA,2L)) and two-rows layouts (layout=c(2L,NA)). Other layouts are not applicable for multiple colorbars.

display_hetero is a synonym to display_stack. It is introduced to emphasize the plotting of complex object with heterogeneous elements, for example, having different units.


Function returns NULL value.


Nikita Platonov platonov@sevin.ru

See Also

display, display_brick, display_rgb


a <- ursa_dummy(nband=3)

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