Man pages for varbvs
Large-Scale Bayesian Variable Selection Using Variational Methods

credEstimate credible interval.
cytokineCytokine signaling genes SNP annotation.
leukemiaExpression levels recorded in leukemia patients.
normalizelogweightsCompute normalized probabilities.
plot.varbvsSummarize variable selection results in a single plot.
predict.varbvsMake predictions from a model fitted by varbvs.
randReturn matrices of pseudorandom values.
subset.varbvsSelect hyperparameter settings from varbvs analysis.
summary.varbvsSummarize a fitted variable selection model.
varbvsFit variable selection model using variational approximation...
varbvsbfCompute numerical estimate of Bayes factor.
varbvscoefcredCompute credible intervals for regression coefficients.
varbvsindepCompute posterior statistics, ignoring correlations.
varbvs-internalInternal varbvs functions
varbvsmixFit linear regression with mixture-of-normals priors using...
varbvs-packageLarge-scale Bayesian variable selection using variational...
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