vm_diagnostics: Plot diagnostics from a VM model

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This function plots a variety of diagnostics from a Variability Model. These include a histogram of the Rhat values (so-called percent scale reduction factors). An Rhat value of 1 indicates that no reduction in the variability of the estimates is possible from running the chain longer. Values below 1.10 or 1.05 are typically considered indicative of convergence, with higher values indicating the model did not converge and should be changed or run longer. A histogram of the effective sample size indicates for every parameter estimated how many effective posterior samples are available for inference. Low values may indicate high autocorrelation in the samples and may be a sign of failure to converge. The maximum possible will be the total iterations available. Histograms of the posterior medians for the latent variability and intercept estimates are also shown.





Results from running varian.


Logical whether to plot the results or just return the grob for the plots. Defaults to TRUE.


Additional arguments not currently used


A graphical object


Joshua F. Wiley <[email protected]>


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