Man pages for vcd
Visualizing Categorical Data

agreementplotBangdiwala's Observer Agreement Chart
ArthritisArthritis Treatment Data
assocExtended Association Plots
assocstatsAssociation Statistics
BaseballBaseball Data
binregplotBinary Regression Plot
BrokenMarriageBroken Marriage Data
BundesligaErgebnisse der Fussball-Bundesliga
Bundestag2005Votes in German Bundestag Election 2005
ButterflyButterfly Species in Malaya
cd_plotConditional Density Plots
CoalMinersBreathlessness and Wheeze in Coal Miners
coindep_testTest for (Conditional) Independence
co_tableCompute Conditional Tables
cotab_panelPanel-generating Functions for Contingency Table Coplots
cotabplotCoplot for Contingency Tables
DanishWelfareDanish Welfare Study Data
distplotDiagnostic Distribution Plots
doubledeckerDoubledecker Plot
EmploymentEmployment Status
Federalist'May' in Federalist Papers
fourfoldFourfold Plots
goodfitGoodness-of-fit Tests for Discrete Data
grid_legendLegend Function for grid Graphics
HittersHitters Data
hlsHLS Color Specification
HorseKicksDeath by Horse Kicks
HospitalHospital data
independence_tableIndependence Table
JobSatisfactionJob Satisfaction Data
JointSportsOpinions About Joint Sports
KappaCohen's Kappa and Weighted Kappa
labeling_borderLabeling Functions for Strucplots
labeling_cells_listLabeling Functions for Strucplots
legendsLegend Functions for Strucplots
LifeboatsLifeboats on the Titanic
loddsCalculate Generalized Log Odds for Frequency Tables
loddsratioCalculate Generalized Log Odds Ratios for Frequency Tables
mar_tableTable with Marginal Sums
mosaicExtended Mosaic Plots
mplotMultiple Grid plots
MSPatientsDiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
NonResponseNon-Response Survey Data
Ord_plotOrd Plots
OvaryCancerOvary Cancer Data
pairs.tablePairs Plot for Contingency Tables
panel_pairs_diagonalDiagonal Panel Functions for Table Pairs Plot
panel_pairs_off-diagonalOff-diagonal Panel Functions for Table Pairs Plot
plot.loddsratioPlotting (Log) Odds Ratios
plot.loglmVisualize Fitted Log-linear Models
PreSexPre-marital Sex and Divorce
PunishmentCorporal Punishment Data
RepVictRepeat Victimization Data
RochdaleRochdale Data
SaxonyFamilies in Saxony
SexualFunSex is Fun
shadingsShading-generating Functions for Residual-based Shadings
sieveExtended Sieve Plots
SpaceShuttleSpace Shuttle O-ring Failures
spacingsSpacing-generating Functions
spineSpine Plots and Spinograms
struc_assocCore-generating Function for Association Plots
struc_mosaicCore-generating Function for Mosaic Plots
strucplotStructured Displays of Contingency Tables
struc_sieveCore-generating Function for Sieve Plots
structableStructured Contingency Tables
SuicideSuicide Rates in Germany
table2d_summarySummary of a 2-way Table
ternaryplotTernary Diagram
tileTile Plot
TrucksTruck Accidents Data
UKSoccerUK Soccer Scores
VisualAcuityVisual Acuity in Left and Right Eyes
VonBortVon Bortkiewicz Horse Kicks Data
WeldonDiceWeldon's Dice Data
WomenQueueWomen in Queues
woolf_testWoolf Test
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