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Multiple Grid plots


combines severals grid-based plots in a multi-panel-layout.


mplot(..., .list = list(),
      layout = NULL, cex = NULL,
      main = NULL, gp_main = gpar(fontsize = 20),
      sub = NULL, gp_sub = gpar(fontsize = 15),
      keep_aspect_ratio = TRUE)


..., .list

A list of objects inheriting from class "grob", or having a "grob" attribute containing such an object.


integer vector of length 2 giving the number of rows and columns. If NULL, the values will be guessed using some heuristics from the number of objects supplied in ....


Scaling factor for the fonts in the subplots. If NULL, the value is calculated as the inverse square root of the row number.

main, sub

Optional main and sub title, respectively.

gp_main, gp_sub

Optional objects of class "gpar" specifying the graphical parameters for the main and sub title, respectively.


logical; should the aspect ratio of the plots be fixed?


This is a convenience function for producing multi-panel plots from grid-based displays, especially those produced by the vcd methods. The layout (number of rows and columns) is guessed from the amount of supplied objects, if not supplied. Currently, the vcd plotting functions do not return grob objects by default—this might change in the future. Also, some of them will return the grob object as a "grob" attribute, attached to the currently returned object.




David Meyer


mplot(mosaic(Titanic, return_grob = TRUE),
      assoc(Titanic), return_grob = TRUE)

A = mosaic(Titanic, return_grob = TRUE)
B = mosaic(Titanic, type = "expected", return_grob = TRUE)
mplot(A, B)

mplot(sieve(SexualFun, return_grob = TRUE),
      agreementplot(SexualFun, return_grob = TRUE),
      main = "Sexual Fun")


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