Man pages for vcrpart
Tree-Based Varying Coefficient Regression for Generalized Linear and Ordinal Mixed Models

contr-wsumContrast matrices
fvcmBagging and Random Forests based on 'tvcm'
fvcm-methodsMethods for 'fvcm' objects
movieMovie critics
olmmFitting ordinal and nominal two-stage linear mixed models
olmm-controlControl parameters for 'olmm'.
olmm-gefpMethods for score processes of 'olmm' objects
olmm-methodsMethods for 'olmm' objects
olmm-predictPredict outcome probabilities and responses for 'olmm'...
olmm-summaryPrinting and summarizing 'olmm' objects
otsplotTime-series plot for longitudinal ordinal data
PLEffect of parental leave policy
povertyPoverty in Switzerland
schizoNational Institute of Mental Health shizophrenia study
tvcglmCoefficient-wise tree-based varying coefficient regression...
tvcmTree-based varying coefficient regression models
tvcm-controlControl parameters for 'tvcm'.
tvcm-cvModel selection utility functions for 'tvcm' objects.
tvcm-methodsMethods for 'tvcm' objects
tvcm-plot'plot' method for 'tvcm' objects.
tvcolmmTree-based varying coefficient regression based on ordinal...
vcrpart-demoSynthetic data sets
vcrpart-formulaSpecial terms for formulas.
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