Defines functions is.const htmlWrapper

allaes <- c("adj","alpha","angle","bg","cex", "col","color","colour","fg","fill","group",

is.const <- function(x){
  sapply(x, function(x) "I" %in% all.names(asOneSidedFormula(x)))

stdaes <- c("colour", "colour", "colour", "shape", "size", "linetype", "size", "angle", "hjust",
            "fill", "color", "ymin", "ymax")

names(stdaes) <- c("col", "color", "colour", "pch", "size", "lty", "lwd", "srt", "adj",
                   "bg", "fg", "min", "max")

rename.aes <- function (x){
  full <- match(names(x), allaes)
  names(x)[!is.na(full)] <- allaes[full[!is.na(full)]]
  plyr::rename(x, stdaes, warn_missing = FALSE)

htmlWrapper <- function(path, svgfn){
	z <- file(paste0(path, "/", svgfn, ".html"),"w")
	cat("<object data=\"", file=z)
	cat(svgfn, file=z)
	cat("\" type=\"image/svg+xml\" ", file=z)
	cat("width=\"505px\" height=\"361px\"></object>", file=z)

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