Man pages for vmsbase
GUI Tools to Process, Analyze and Plot Fisheries Data

Assign_AreaAssign Area - Internal Function
bathymetryBathymetry rData File class
CountMapEffort Count - Internal Function
gui_dcf_indDCF indicators GUI
gui_join_lb_vmsVMS-LB Match GUI
gui_lb_db_createLogBook DataBase Creation GUI
gui_lb_db_editLogbook Editing GUI
gui_lb_db_statLogBook DB Status GUI
gui_lb_editrawRaw LogBook Editing GUI
gui_lb_met_claLogBook Metier Classification GUI
gui_lb_met_disLogBook Metier Discovery GUI
gui_lb_met_ediMetier Editing GUI
gui_mainVMSbase main GUI
gui_mark_fis_poiMark Fishing Points GUI
gui_out_gridVMS Effort Gridding GUI
gui_vms_db_areVMS DB Area Assignment GUI
gui_vms_db_cleanVMS DB Clean GUI
gui_vms_db_createVMS DataBase Creation GUI
gui_vms_db_cutVMS DB Cut GUI
gui_vms_db_depVMS DB Depth Assignment GUI
gui_vms_db_intrVMS DB Interpolation GUI
gui_vmsdb_mixsouVMS DataBase Creation GUI
gui_vms_db_selVMS DataBase Select GUI
gui_vms_db_statVMS DataBase Status GUI
gui_vms_editrawRaw VMS Editing GUI
gui_vms_met_predPredict Metier GUI
gui_vms_save_batVMS DB Save Bathymetry GUI
gui_vms_view_intrpVMS DB View Interpolated Data GUI
gui_vms_view_pingVMS DB View Raw Ping Data GUI
gui_vms_view_trackVMS DB View Track Data GUI
gui_vms_viz_advVMS DB View Track Data GUI
harbCooHarbours Coordinates Shape File class
Join2shpShape File Data Joining - Internal Function
kno2kmhKnots to Km/h speed conversion function
latsex2decSexagesimal to Decimal Latitude conversion function
log_ClaLogBook Clustering class
log_DBLogBook DataBase class
log_FileLogBook File Class
lonsex2decSexagesimal to Decimal Longitude conversion function
plotNetNeural Network Plotting - Internal Function
polymapLand Map Shape File class
que_vms_DBVMS DataBase Query class
rad2degRadians to Degree Angles conversion function
saveRawLogBookRaw LogBook editing function
saveRawVmsRaw VMS editing function
vmsbaseGUI Tools to Process, Analyze and Plot Fisheries Data
vms_DBVMS DataBase class
vms_FileVMS File Class
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