Man pages for vpc
Create Visual Predictive Checks

add_noiseAdd noise / residual error to data
add_sim_index_numberAdd sim index number
add_stratificationAdds stratification to data set
auto_binCalculate appropriate bin separators for vpc
bin_dataFunction to bin data based on a vector of bin separators,...
check_stratification_columns_availableCheck whether stratification columns are available
compute_kaplanCompute Kaplan-Meier statistics
compute_kmmcCompute KMMC statistics
create_vpc_themeCreate new vpc theme
define_data_columnsDefine data column defaults for various softwares
draw_params_mvrDraw parameters from multivariate distribution
loq_percCalculate percentiles below / above lloq / uloq
new_vpc_themeCreate a customized VPC theme
pk_iv_1cmtSimulate PK data from a 1-compartment iv model
pk_oral_1cmtSimulate PK data from a 1-compartment oral model
plot_vpcVPC plotting function
quantile_censCalculate quantiles respecting the censored data
read_table_nmNONMEM output table import function
replace_list_elementsReplace list elements by name
rtte_obs_nmSimulated RTTE data (1x)
rtte_sim_nmSimulated RTTE data (100x)
show_defaultDefaults for show argument
show_default_tteDefaults for show argument for TTE VPC
sim_dataSimulate data based on a model and parameter distributions
simple_dataA small rich dataset
theme_emptyEmpty ggplot2 theme
theme_plainA nicer default theme for ggplot2
triangle_to_fullLower to full triangle
vpcVPC function
vpc_catVPC function for categorical
vpc_censVPC function for left- or right-censored data (e.g. BLOQ...
vpc-packageVPC package
vpc_tteVPC function for time-to-event (survival) data
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