Man pages for wildlifeDI
Calculate Indices of Dynamic Interaction for Wildlife Tracking Data

CaCoefficient of Association
checkTOCheck for temporal overlap
conContextExamine context associated with contact phases
conDisplacementCalculate net displacement from contacts
conPairsIdentify contact pairs
conPhaseProcess contact phases
conProcessProcess contacts
conSpatialMapping wildlife contacts
conSummarySummarize contacts and phases
CrMovement Correlation Coefficient
CsCoefficient of Sociality
dcPlotContact distance plot
deerGPS tracking data of two male deer
DIDynamic interaction index
doesGPS tracking data of female white-tailed deer
DonDoncaster's measure of dynamic interaction
FilterTrajFilter trajectory based on conditions
GetSimultaneousIdentify simultaneous fixes between trajectories
GetTOGet period where two tracks overlap
HAIHalf-weight Association Index
IABBenhamou's IAB Index
LixnMinta's Spatial-temporal interaction statistics
ltraj2sfConvert ltraj to sf spatial object
mockhuntProcessed data on contacts between mock-hunters and...
ProxProximity Index
sf2ltrajConvert sf spatial object to ltraj
wildlifeDI-packagewildlifeDI: Calculate Indices of Dynamic Interaction for...
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