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Dynamic interaction refers to spatial-temporal associations in the movements of two (or more) animals. This package provides tools for calculating a suite of indices used for quantifying dynamic interaction with wildlife telemetry data. For more information on each of the methods employed see the references within. The package (as of version 0.3) also has new tools for automating contact analysis in large tracking datasets. The package draws heavily on the classes and methods developed in the 'adehabitat' packages.


The package wildlifeDI allows users to compute a number of currently available indices of dynamic interaction useful for wildlife telemetry studies. The currently available methods include:

The package wildlifeDI also provides useful functionality for identifying which fixes are temporally simultaneous, required for many of the above methods, using the function GetSimultaneous, along with other functions for exploring spatial-temporal interactions patterns in wildlife telemetry data.

When citing this package please use see citation ('wildlifeDI), also please cite the appropriate papers associated with individual methods being used.

The functions in wildlifeDI utilize the ltraj objects from the package adehabitat. For more information on objects of this type see help(ltraj).


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