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Distributional Semantic Models in R

as_distmatMark an arbitrary matrix as a pre-computed 'dist.matrix'...
as_dsmCreate DSM Object From Various R Data Structures (wordspace)
as_dsm_tmCreate DSM Object From 'tm' Package (wordspace)
as_matrix_dsmExtract Matrix from DSM Object (wordspace)
check_dsmValidate Internal Structure of DSM Object (wordspace)
context_vectorsCompute Bag-of-Words Context Vectors (wordspace)
convert_lemmaTransform CWB/Penn-Style Lemmas into Other Notation Formats...
dim_dsmDimensions of a DSM Object (wordspace)
dimnames_dsmDimnames of a DSM Object (wordspace)
dist_matrixDistances/Similarities between Row or Column Vectors...
dsmCreate DSM Object Representing a Distributional Semantic...
dsm_canonical_matrixCanonical Formats for a DSM Co-occurrence Matrix (wordspace)
DSM_GoodsMatrixA Scored Co-occurrence Matrix of Nouns Denoting Goods...
DSM_HieroglyphsMatrixA Small Co-occurrence Matrix (wordspace)
dsm_projectionReduce Dimensionality of DSM by Subspace Projection...
dsm_scoreWeighting, Scaling and Normalisation of Co-occurrence Matrix...
DSM_SingularValuesTypical Singular Values of a Term-Context Matrix (wordspace)
DSM_TermContextMatrixExample of a Term-Context Co-occurrence Matrix (wordspace)
DSM_TermTermMatrixExample of a Term-Term Co-occurrence Matrix (wordspace)
DSM_VectorsPre-Compiled DSM Vectors for Selected Words (wordspace)
DSM_VerbNounTriples_BNCVerb-Noun Co-occurrence Frequencies from British National...
ESSLLI08_NounsNoun Clustering Task from ESSLLI 2008 (wordspace)
eval_clusteringEvaluate DSM on Clustering Task (wordspace)
eval_multiple_choiceEvaluate DSM on Multiple Choice Task (wordspace)
eval_similarity_correlationEvaluate DSM on Correlation with Similarity Ratings...
head_dist_matrixReturn the Top Left Corner of a Distance Matrix (wordspace)
head_dsmReturn the Top Left Corner of a DSM Matrix (wordspace)
match_splitFind Parallel Matches for Values in Groups (wordspace)
merge_dsmMerge Rows or Columns from Different DSM Objects (wordspace)
nearest_neighboursFind Nearest Neighbours in DSM Space (wordspace)
normalize_rowsNormalize Rows or Columns of Matrix to Unit Length...
pair_distancesSemantic Distances Between Word Pairs (wordspace)
plot_dist_matrixPlotting Distance Matrices (wordspace)
plot_similarity_correlationPrinting and Plotting Similarity Correlation Evaluation...
print_dsmPrint Information About DSM Object (wordspace)
rbind_dsmCombine DSM Objects by Rows and Columns (wordspace)
read_dsm_matrixLoad DSM Matrix from File (wordspace)
read_dsm_tripletLoad DSM Data from Triplet Representation (wordspace)
read_dsm_ucsLoad Raw DSM Data from Disk Files in UCS Export Format...
RG65Similarity Ratings for 65 Noun Pairs (wordspace)
rowNormsCompute Norms of Row and Column Vectors of a Matrix...
rsvdRandomized Singular Value Decomposition (wordspace)
scale_marginsScale Rows and/or Columns of a Matrix (wordspace)
SemCorWSDSemCor Word Sense Disambiguation Task (wordspace)
signcountEfficiently Count Positive, Negative and Zero Values...
subset_dsmSubsetting Distributional Semantic Models (wordspace)
t_dsmSwap the Rows and Columns of a DSM Object (wordspace)
WordSim353Similarity Ratings for 351 Noun Pairs (wordspace)
wordspace_openmpControl multi-core processing in wordspace functions...
wordspace-packageDistributional Semantic Models in R (wordspace)
write_dsm_matrixExport DSM Matrix to File (wordspace)
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